Sunday, 17 August 2008

My book list for Aug/Sept 2008

I have to keep a list of what books I am waiting for so that I don't miss any, I will share this list each month because there may be books you didn't know were coming out or perhaps authors you hadn't heard of.

P= Paranormal
R = Romance
U =Urban Fantasy

Jayne Castle - Dark Light - 26th August -P
Jennifer Cruise - Agnes and the Hitman - 26th August -R
Jeanne C Stein - Legacy - 26th August -U
Diana Palmer - Heart of Stone -September -R
Sara Reinke - Dark Hunger - 2 September -P
Christine Feehan - Dark Curse - 2nd September -P
Diana Holquist - Hungry for More - 26th September -R
Christine Warren - One Bite With A Stranger - 30th September -P

What books are you waiting for?

Share your Aug/Sept lists here, because you might have authors others haven't read yet!


P.S. Dates may change as publication is not set in stone!

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