Saturday, 16 August 2008

Hi From Tazallie

Well I thought it might me nice if you got to know me a little, so here is the the nutshell version of me!

I am the mother of Pinky (who is trying to take over the world with brain, who also happens to be the boss of unicorn tree books and her aunty---work it out yep thats right brain is my sister!)

So that lets you know that we are a family goup...and we provide the family fights as extra entertainment in store!

I love books, lots of books, anything from paranormal/urban fantasy, to romance, or thriller or historical or chick lit or... (list could go on) but please dont ask me about women's sagas cos I dont like them and dont want to read them (foot stamping here).

So what qualifications do I have for writing reviews?? absolutely none! Except that I love books, reading books, talking books and even possibly writing them...and at the end of the day what better qualification is there?

Thats all I can think of for now but if there is anything you want to know - ask!(although I wont promise to answer everything LOL)


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