Saturday, 16 August 2008

Jayne Castle, Dust Bunnies and the Ghost Hunter Series

I love Jayne Castle (Aka Jayne Ann Krentz) but more importantly for me I love her dust bunnies!

Jayne Castle has been writing paranormal romances since before their was a genre called paranormal romance and her Ghost Hunter series is a fantastic example of this type of book.

Set in a futuristic world called Harmony that once had ties with Earth but has since been isolated when the curtain closed a long time ago. Shutting them off from Earth, her technology and her people. It is a series about a world that is filled with psychics and ghost hunters (although the ghosts are almost pure energy and are perhaps the original inhabitants of the world)
This is a world that is both technologically advanced whilst also seemingly part mediveal, where marriage is rarely for love but more usually for convenience or procreation.

The stories are filled with alpha males and strong women who have no intention of missing the action. Each story stands alone but when read as a series allows the world of Harmony to grow and flourish in your imagination.

But perhaps for me the best of these stories are the dust bunnies!!! Cute little balls of grey fur that are loving and loyal and will take your hand of with their needle sharp teeth if you upset them and send them into hunter mode! And I want one! I love the way that Jayne Castle has created in some of the stories a secondary romance with these cute little predators, and with each book in the series I have to first check there is in fact a dust bunny in the story (I'd still read it if there wasn't but I wouldnt enjoy it half as much!)

So if you like a good romance, filled with alpha males and women who can tame them...and if you like cute bunnies that can kill you before you even realise they are mad go read this series!!

1)Bridal Jitters
2)After Dark
3)After Glow
4)Ghost Hunter
5)Silver Master
6)Dark light (26th August 2008)

(Checkout the Utube videos below for a trailer)


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