Saturday, 16 August 2008

Christina Dodd - Into the shadow

ISBN 9780451224514
Out July 2008

This is the third book in Christina Dodds, Darkness Chosen Series, which falls very much into the paranormal romance genre, in fact it reminded me of a modern bodice ripper - you know the ones? where the pirate kidnaps the lady? Well this was one of those set today...and I have to say at first I was very, very skeptical...but it worked very well.

This is an easy read, but it still manages to raise some very interesting questions on good and evil and how the line can often be blurred.
Take the hero; he was raised in a loving family that has a curse hanging over it. They are shape shifters, but their power is a direct result of a pact with the devil made a thousand years change strengthens the evil that resides in them. And Adrik embraces his power after a choice as a young man makes him feel he has cursed his soul already. Adrik becomes a mercenary without remorse in the Himalyan mountains and eventually kidnaps the heroine Karen.

Yes the hero is a mercenary, yes he has killed and has dammned his soul to hell but is he evil? or a victim of a pact that was nothing to do with him?

I liked the first book in this series, wasnt so keen on the second but really enjoyed this one. Overall this was a well written action packed romance, one that it well worth a read.


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